Money every day instead of once a month

Use Express Payouts in MC Pay to get your daily earnings on YouTube into your account immediately


Express Payouts: income every day

YouTube usually pays creators once a month. But with MC Pay, what you earn during the day goes to your account every day. All thanks to Express Payouts

Express Payouts: income every day

Flexible Payouts tariff

For those who prefer to withdraw money once a month and only sometimes withdraw some amounts upfront

Flexible Payouts tariff

Daily Payouts tariff

For those who prefer to spend their earnings from YouTube right away. For example, for daily expenses

Daily Payouts tariff

Dozens of payment methods

Transfer money to your plastic cards, bank accounts, e-wallets, and digital currencies easily. Choose from EUR, USD, and national currency transfers.

Dozens of payment methods

One-click plan change

You can switch tariffs at any time and as many times as you like. Just a click in MC Pay, and the tariff will change

One-click plan change

How Express Payouts work in MC Pay


Connect to Mediacube

For Express Payouts to work, connect your channel to MC Pay and accept the invitation in YouTube Studio


Daily income calculation

In three days, MC Pay will receive data from YouTube on the channel and start calculating earnings for each day


Payouts every day

Your MC Pay account will start receiving daily income. We make these payments of our own funds, as if lending to you


Recalculation on the 26th

When the monthly payment comes from YouTube, MC Pay will recalculate the balance to converge everything to a cent

Get money from YouTube every day

Download the MC Pay app and customize your YouTube payouts to your liking

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