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Antiviruses for YouTube Streamers: Best Programs To Protect Your PC

If all your work is done online, then taking care of the security of your computer is a top priority. All your earnings depend on this, so you should take a closer look at useful programs that will prevent anyone from getting into your PC. And given that people can always see you online, you shouldn’t forget about the safety of your personal data. Therefore, in this review from Medicube, you will learn what YouTubers use to turn their computers and laptops into real fortresses!

How To Choose the Best Antivirus for a YouTube Streamer?

It’s not even worth starting a conversation about the toxic atmosphere in which streamers have to work. Not only fans, but also haters often join their streams, some of whom may well cause harm. Streamers are often subject to targeted attacks. Viruses and malware can threaten not only files, but also system stability, and no one wants to lose connection in the middle of a stream. So what software do YouTubers prefer for their devices? 

What Do YouTubers Use for Protecting Their Computers?


Bitdefender uses intelligent algorithms to detect and block a variety of threats, including viruses, Trojans, and spyware. Automatic Deep Scan Mode, Proactive detection methods — all this makes Bitdefender an excellent assistant.

Bitdefender doesn’t feature a game booster mode, but its cloud-based malware scanner and helpful system tweaking tools make it a great choice for a gaming PC. Virus scanning uses signature searches, advanced heuristic analysis and machine learning to detect all types of threats, and because the search is performed in the cloud, Bitdefender shows virtually no system slowdown even when running a full scan.

What sets Bitdefender apart from other similar programs is its microphone and webcam protection: in real time, it detects and removes all unknown applications that try to access the device.

If you want the most advanced antivirus and VPN, Bitdefender Premium Security costs $79.99 per year. If for now you are just choosing what suits your PC best, you can start with the offer that costs $17.49 per year.

Norton 360 for Gamers or Norton 360 Deluxe

An excellent solution for those YouTubers who stream their gaming sessions. Already in 2024, Norton was recognized as one of the best antiviruses; it does not affect frame rates, loading times, or the use of PC RAM in games. Another option is Norton GO, which suspends all background processes, delays virus scans, and optimizes the processor.

But the most interesting part is that Norton can scan the dark web and check if your passwords, email addresses, or financial data have leaked there. Even though all this will cost you approximately $44.99 per year, it is better to spend money on good software than to lose everything.


Avira is a secure cloud antivirus with a free plan, which, however, does not include a game booster. All the programs on our list work on a cloud basis, which is important, as it allows you to relieve your computer during checks.

Avira’s free plan, Avira Free Security, doesn’t offer features designed specifically for gamers, but it’s still one of the best free antivirus solutions for PC. In addition, Avira offers an extension for secure online shopping, system optimization tools, VPN (500 MB per month) and a password manager.

The full-featured antivirus, Avira Prime, costs $36.99 per year, but that money also buys you a game booster, unlimited VPN, multi-device support, and a system for detecting password leaks and account hacking.


Another good solution that will be useful for creators who deal with games. Included with its main functions of searching for viruses and protecting your PC is also a set of system configuration tools, including deleting unnecessary files, speeding up startup, cleaning the browser and a convenient application removal wizard. Tests have shown that TotalAV was able to find and remove more junk files than other system cleaning tools.

While it doesn’t feature a game boosting mode like Norton and Avira, TotalAV does offer an automatic gaming mode that automatically pauses all checks and notifications when you go into full-screen mode.

Currently, gamers can take advantage of a unique offer on TotalAV Antivirus for Gamers, which includes all the necessary features for three devices running on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS for only $19.00 per year.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection has an advanced virus scanner, a secure firewall, and a comprehensive parental control system. The latter helps filter content and limit PC usage time, and can also track mobile phones.

For gamers, the McAfee firewall performs all the functions assigned to it and perfectly detects and blocks various attacks from criminals or ordinary bullies. The antivirus does not have a specific built-in game mode, but it still allows you to configure the scanning schedule so that it doesn’t interfere with your streams.

A 2-year subscription to Total Protection Plus costs just $39.99 per year and protects up to 5 devices at once, plus gives you the benefit of a secure VPN.

Data Loss Protection

Effective Protection of Personal Information

The worst nightmare of not only YouTube streamers, but just any person, is the loss of information. Therefore, it won’t hurt to be on the safe side in this matter too. So here are the best solutions for protection.

Data Encryption:

Norton and McAfee are powerful encryption tools that protect sensitive content.

Password Management:

1Password and LastPass help you strengthen your account security and avoid hacking.

How to Reduce the Impact of Anti-Virus on PC Operation

Light Antiviruses:

Avast and AVG provide high-quality protection while minimizing system load.

Scheduling Scans:

Setting up regular scans outside of work hours reduces the impact on productivity.

Results: Which Antivirus Should I Choose?

Actually, in our time, most manufacturers have reached the point where their offerings, if at all, differ only slightly. Therefore, to protect your YouTube channel, you can choose the program that is simply more convenient for you to work with and that meets the technical characteristics of your PC or Macbook. We hope we helped you with your choice!

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