May 8, 2024
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Best Camera for YouTubers: Amazing Vlogging, Gaming and Outdoor Recorders

You’ve thought about the name of the channel, scripted the first video, chosen a quality microphone and lights. What other component is missing for a quality video? A cool camera, of course.

What kind of camera should you choose? Should a beginner buy an expensive camera? What cameras do popular YouTubers use? Let’s find out in this article.

What is important to consider when choosing a camera?

  • High-capacity battery

It may take more than 1 hour of filming to create a 15-minute video on your channel. Ensure that shooting is not interrupted by low battery power in any of your recorders. If the camera has the ability to film while charging — you should definitely choose it.

  • Stabilisation

Video stabilisation is one of the most important functions of the camera. It ensures smoothness not only in static videos, but also when shooting in motion. Not all cameras have good stabilisation and can handle shooting while walking or driving. However, to solve this problem, you can use an external stabiliser (a tripod that clamps your camera).

  • Flip-up display

Most content creators don’t have the option of hiring a personal cameraman at the start. Therefore, it is important for a beginner to choose a camera that has a flip-up display that allows you to see what you are filming in order to get the best video.

  • External microphone jack

We think you know that the main ‘pain’ of every beginning creator while rendering the video is poor sound quality. Not every camera can boast a great sound recording. That’s why it’s important to find a camera that has a jack for your future microphone (read about the best microphones in this article).

Once we’ve decided on the criteria, we need to consider your budget and the type of your future videos. Here is our selection of the best camera for YouTubers: from streaming cameras to vlogging cameras.

1) Insta360 Go 3

One of the best outdoor camcorders among the competitors. The camera is very compact and lightweight, making it convenient for shooting outside the home. Insta360 Go 3 comes with an Action Pod: a tripod that allows you to mount the camera at any angle you like.

The device supports shooting in 2.7K, has good stabilisation and a Barrel Roll feature (rotation around a specific object).

A big pro when choosing this particular action camera will be compatibility with both iOS and Android, as well as IPX4 moisture-proof protection, which will ensure uninterrupted shooting even when exposed to water.

2) Fujifilm X-T3 Body

Why should you choose this camera? Quite simple: it’s one of the best cheap mirrorless cameras in its segment. Fujifilm X-T3 has a 26.1 megapixel X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 image processor, which produces high-quality images with excellent detail and color reproduction. Fun fact: many creators on YouTube use this camera for gaming streams.

The camera supports internal 4K/60P 4:2:0 10-bit video recording to SD card, and 4K/60P 4:2:2:2 10-bit video output via HDMI. In addition, the Fujifilm X-T3 features fast autofocus and quality protection against moisture and dust. 

3) Sony Alpha 7 IV

Who says there’s no room for filmic images on YouTube? For sophisticated creators, we suggest taking a look at this camera. Sony Alpha 7 IV supports 4K resolution video shooting at 60 fps, ensuring high quality video with smooth movement and details.

Despite the lightweight body, the camera is packed with impressive features: a BIONZ XR processor for crisp and realistic videos with good color reproduction, support for shooting modes such as S-Log and HLG that allow for more dynamic range and better color gradation. And of course, the Sony Alpha 7 IV has all the external connectors for the microphone and other additional equipment.

4) Iphone camera

Surprised? We thought so! Indeed, many creators use their iPhone camera to shoot videos not only at the beginning of their career, but also after a “huge wave” of popularity.

Therefore, the lack of budget for a professional camera is absolutely not a hindrance to creativity.


Choosing a camera for content creation is quite a challenging matter. But by making the right choice in the initial stages, you will ensure rapid growth not only in the quality of your content, but also in the number of your subscribers.

Good luck!

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