Apr 19, 2024
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How Can a Streamer Find Sponsors? 

Have you always dreamed of earning money like PewDiePie or Ninja by playing your favorite games? Of course, you will have to work hard for this, but anything is possible 🙂 Just 15 years ago, no one would have thought that one could make a living from live streaming, but now thousands of creators around the world are doing this, and for many of them, streaming is their main activity. Therefore, sooner or later, every streamer who has already achieved some success is faced with the question: how to find a sponsor for their streams and earn more? Read a few words about this in our material.

Where Do I Begin? 

The first thing you should do is create attractive content. It’s a truism, right? But YouTube is ruled by content, so whoever does it best earns accordingly. Therefore, you need to improve, learn from the best, find your own style, and gain as many subscribers as possible — this will become an important indicator for the future advertiser.

Second of all, research the market. Watch videos of your colleagues and competitors, pay attention to which advertisers work with them. This way you can understand which companies you could approach and make a commercial offer for their advertising department (if you are doing this yourself). 

Third of all. Use platforms to find sponsors. The ones where streamers can find potential sponsors and offer them cooperation. Such platforms simplify the search process and offer more opportunities for interaction.

Which Platforms Should I Use? 

Let us give you a few examples. 

1. Publicfast

With this platform, you will have access to thousands of companies and brands. A huge advantage of this platform is that it is designed not only for streaming, but also for other platforms, for example, Instagram, so if you have a well-developed account on any social media, then you can count on an advertising offer on it.

In addition, it is quite convenient that on Publicfast, you are not the one looking for advertisers, but they are looking for you. Companies review creators’ profiles and evaluate their potential, so make sure you fill out your application as thoroughly as possible.

2. inStreamly

Another great platform that connects streamers with advertisers. It’s extremely easy to use and, most importantly, it has a gigantic pool of companies that creators can work with: from Activision and Riot Games to Porsche and Netflix. There are no requirements to register on this platform.

But keep in mind that sponsorship payments here will vary depending on your audience and the brand you’re advertising.

3. Corsair Streamer

And one more platform for the most daring — Corsair Streamer. The company itself sells equipment for gamers, from computer mice to monitors. But to become part of their team, you will have to work hard: first you will have to prove that you are an excellent streamer who’s pleasant to work with.

Anyone who signs up for the Corsair Streamer Program starts at the lowest level and receives exclusive discounts and the opportunity to earn money through affiliate links. But as you move up the ‘corporate ladder,’ you will be able to receive sponsorships by advertising the company’s products.


These are just some of the ways you can find sponsorship for your streams. Help your colleagues by sharing your experience in the comments! Also, don’t forget to read the contracts carefully, this is very important. And remember: despite the fact that there are many platforms and offers on the market, most often it turns out that your main assistant is yourself. Very often it turns out that only those who are prepared for failure succeed in reaching an advertiser, because this is normal. And in case of 999 refusals, there will definitely be ‘the one’ advertiser with whom you will develop a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Good luck!

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Jefry Beed
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