Jun 10, 2024
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How YouTubers Make Money

We’ve already told you how to make money on YouTube, but what’s the best way to withdraw that money? Today we will look into this issue and, of course, tell you how Mediacube helps with this and why the MC Pay app right now is the best financial tool for content creators and how YouTubers make money.

What’s Wrong With AdSense?

A little history. It would seem a paradoxical situation, but Google is so big that there is no need for it to expand its service for creators. At some point, this was the reason for the emergence of many MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks), among which was Mediacube. And, you guessed it right, financial issues have become the most important area of ​​our work.

The thing is that YouTube has only one way to pay creators — bank transfer in dollars or euros. Here are some other disadvantages of this system:

1. High payout threshold

To receive the money you’ve earned via AdSense, you must reach the minimum payout threshold, which is $100. This can be a problem for smaller channels that cannot reach this amount quickly.

2. Slow payouts

Payouts via AdSense occur once a month, provided that the minimum payout threshold is reached. For those who need more regular payouts, this may be inconvenient.

3. Limited support

AdSense user support is often provided via forums and help articles. Direct support from Google employees is difficult to obtain, which can make it hard to resolve technical or monetization issues.

4. Slow response to issues

If there are any issues with your account or monetization, resolving them via AdSense may take a significant amount of time. Which can become a critical problem, you know this. That’s why Mediacube has such great support team, which is always ready to help you 🙂

Boring, right? That’s what we thought, so we decided to develop in fintech, which led to the creation of the MC Pay app. Unlike AdSense, via which creators receive money from YouTube, we offer our clients more than 10 withdrawal methods, 80+ national currencies, cryptocurrencies, Advances, and much more — and this is what makes us qualitatively different from Adsense (and, accordingly, from Google, boom!).

And with all this, we continue to provide classic MCN services (which have recently been renamed CSPs – Content Service Providers), help creators fight for subscribers and views, we know how much effort needs to be spent per like and how to persuade YouTube to return monetization if something went wrong. We also offer: 

  1. Help in enabling and managing advertising on the channel.
  2. Copyright protection and content management via Content ID.
  3. Providing data and analytical tools to improve your content.
  4. Assistance in channel development and strategic consulting.

All this can be done just in one app, so is there any point in working directly with Google if so many opportunities open up to you? The question is, of course, rhetorical.  

How YouTubers Make Money With the MC Pay App

It is important to emphasize that the MC Pay app itself does not earn you money 🙂 But at the same time it helps to manage your income, get the maximum benefit from it, and even receive your money whenever you want, unlike AdSense, where payouts are received only once a month. With MC Pay you can literally withdraw your income daily. 

Or even receive an Advance, your 10 potential monthly earnings on YouTube — and invest it in your channel or some important cause. Therefore, the question of how much you will earn from this depends only on you. We just provide you with the most convenient tool for such operations.

Features of the MC Pay App

  1. User-friendly interface. The app has an intuitive interface, which makes its use simple and convenient.
  2. Variety of withdrawal methods. Possibility of withdrawing earnings to bank accounts, -wallets, and cards.
  3. Transparent calculation system. Detailed information about receipts and withdrawals of funds.
  4. Multiple currencies. Possibility to work with different currencies, which is especially important for international users.
  5. Fast transactions. Funds are transferred to the specified account in the shortest possible time.


Mediacube and the MC Pay app provide YouTubers with all the necessary tools for convenient and quick withdrawal of earned funds. The combination of functionality, reliability, and transparency makes MC Pay an indispensable assistant for anyone who makes money on YouTube.If you want to know how YouTubers make money, and exactly how to withdraw your earnings, Mediacube and MC Pay are the perfect choice for you.

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Jefry Beed
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