May 20, 2024
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Music for YouTubers: Where To Find Free Tracks

Everyone who has ever made a YouTube video wondered where to find music for it without violating anyone’s copyright. The platform monitors this very closely, so if you haven’t sorted out the legal use of this or that track, you can lose monetization at best, get the video blocked, and in the worst case scenario, you may also be sued. So right now we’ll tell you where to find music for youtubers absolutely legally.

Search for music for YouTubers

1. YouTube Audio Library

The most obvious place where you can find music and sound effects for any occasion. Several thousand options, each of which pretty much fits any video unless you have some super specific requests for the design of your video.  The collection is also updated regularly.

2. Free Music Archive

This source offers a much wider selection of music shared by the authors themselves. There are two options for working with FMA – paid and free. For money, you can use their music in podcasts, social media, commercials, and even theater productions (just in case if you need it).  

3. SoundCloud

One of the most famous platforms with many musicians providing their tracks for free use. SoundCloud has a category called Creative Commons. The tracks are marked with a special license and are available for free use for commercial and non-commercial purposes, as long as you provide credit and an original link to the work.

Royalty-free music for YouTubers

1. Epidemic Sound

A platform with a huge library of copyright-free music, perfect for YouTube content. And the most importantly: it is available to all Mediacube partners absolutely free of charge!

2. Artlist

A popular platform specializing in providing royalty free music for video production. You can use tracks from here in your videos, ads, movies and so on. It has a large library, a royalty-free license (though paid, subscription-based), and there’s even creator support with helpful resources, tutorials, and collaboration opportunities.

Another option is to buy music on Jamendo

However, they also have free content here as well. Most tracks are available under a Creative Commons license, which allows the audio works to be used for commercial purposes. To buy audio, you need to select Music for Video on the main page of the website and you’ll see music collections sorted by genre, mood and ideas. 

Important points

Always check licenses. Even if the music is free or royalty free, be sure to read the terms of use to avoid getting into trouble.

Credit the source. If the creator of the track requires it to be mentioned in the video description, be sure to do so. It’s showing respect for the creative work of others.


Now you’ll know exactly where to find free and royalty free music for youtubers and be confident that you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyright! And don’t forget that Epidemic Sound is free for Mediacube partners 🙂

Good luck!

By Jefry Beed
Jefry Beed
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