May 10, 2024
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SEO for YouTubers: Effective Strategies and Practical Tips

Why do you think your videos don’t get recommended? Chances are you still think of YouTube as a video platform, but it’s actually not the case. I suggest you imagine YT as a search engine like Google (especially since this company owns it), and it works according to the same rules. Only with your videos, in the description of which you can put the necessary information, which the system already calculates and pushes the video higher to the user. 

We are, of course, talking about SEO — Search Engine Optimization. Now let’s use our imagination and try to see the video as a big shiny sports car that is eager to start, and SEO is its… engine, the power of which determines how fast your wheels will go. So, today we’ll give you a couple of tips on what kind of fuel to fill your car with so that it definitely comes first (sorry, Torretto, but this article is not for you, so go back to your family). So let’s get some SEO for bloggers!

What Do You Need To Do To Rank Higher in Search Results? 

First of all, understand that SEO for content creators is not difficult, but it is very important. There are no truffles here, so for some techniques you will need special services to evaluate certain important parameters. That’s why…

1. Use the right keywords! 

How do you know that you have chosen the right ones? For this purpose, there are services like, for example, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, TubeBuddy, Keyword Tool, VidIQ (which, by the way, is available for free to Mediacube partners). There you can enter any word and see how often users search for videos using it. If not so often, then just choose another one and put it in the description of the video. A simple tip: try to use as many keywords as possible in your video titles (but keep them within 99 characters) to increase your chances.

Or you can just enter the title of the video into the YouTube search and see what keywords are used in popular videos of similar topics. It may not be the most reliable method, but it can also work.  

2. Description and tag

Tagging has recently become controversial due to the fact that YouTube has learned to recognize objects in videos using AI. However, you definitely won’t make the video worse with tags, while you may make it better that way. To add them, in your video settings in Studio, go to “Show More” and find “Tags” there. The first tags will be most important for successful promotion, so we advise you to use the following tools to select them: YouTube Auto-Complete, VidIQ, and Prozavr.

And let’s not forget that keywords can be everywhere — in the title, hashtags, and description, but tags can only be in a certain place, so these are completely different things. 

3. Video thumbnail

One of the most important things in promoting a video, because it is your showcase. Therefore, make sure that you have a beautiful, attractive, bright cover that reflects the essence of the video, that you have chosen a good, capacious title and met all the technical requirements. Try to keep all thumbnails in the same style, then your channel will have a recognizable visual, which always works well for the viewer.

And one more piece of advice. Many channels have made it a good practice to create 2-3 thumbnails for videos. If you see that the video doesn’t work in the first two hours, try changing the cover picture. There are many cases when this really helps. Of course, provided that you took into account all the other parameters and did everything correctly.

By the way, if you want to get inspired before creating your own covers, you can watch how the guys from Mr. Beast’s team work on them. In case you didn’t know, Johnny is very concerned about this matter, so it might come in handy for you. 

4. Analyze your SEO results

In our case, you can learn not only from mistakes, but also from victories. So, if you don’t like your numbers, go, for example, to YouTube Analytics, which collects data about your videos, or VidIQ, one of the most popular tools among creators (and also available for free to all Mediacube partners).

There you can see, for example, that the viewer “falls off” from your video after 1-2 minutes. YouTube sees this too, and it’s more profitable for the platform when the viewer stays with you as long as possible. Therefore, in such cases, the system decides to push the video further away. Yes, yes, so try to captivate the user right away and give them as much interesting and useful information as possible.


SEO plays a key role in promoting content on YouTube. Therefore, proper optimization of your channel and videos will help attract more viewers and increase their visibility in search results. Contact our experts for advice, and we will definitely advise you how to do everything right!

Good luck!

By Jefry Beed
Jefry Beed
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