May 15, 2024
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Sponsorships for YouTubers: Stunning Way to Monetise your Content

They say YouTube only pays for high views and ad impressions. It follows that good earnings for small content creators are impossible. But what if we say that this is a myth? Here we will tell you how to earn money from sponsorships.

We hasten to dispel this myth: thanks to sponsorship, even for small YouTubers there is an opportunity to earn money on their creativity. What does sponsorship even entail? Sponsorship for YouTubers is the best way to support your favourite creator and get not only special stickers and emoji for comments, but also exclusive content from your favourite vloggers. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to become a channel sponsor: every month a subscriber automatically renews their subscription to their favourite creator.

Now let’s have a look at sponsorship from the side of the YouTuber. This way of monetising your activities can be safely called a partnership: your fans support your creativity, and you not only get motivation to create, but also provide yourself with an additional monthly income, which is encouraged even by YouTube itself. You can even assign different subscription levels so that anyone can afford to sponsor your channel. For each subscription level, the creator assigns the cost and number of bonuses received. 

What are the terms and conditions for connecting sponsorship to your channel?

1) The channel must be connected to YouTube’s Partner Program

2) The creator of the channel must be over 18 years old

3) The channel must be free of strikes and other violations

4) The ”Sponsorship” feature must be available in your region

5) The channel must not contain content for children

6) The channel should have more than 1K subscribers


If you have met all the conditions above — congratulations, you have a new and unique opportunity to monetise your creativity. Now your main task as a creator remains to create extraordinary content and keep your sponsors interested.

We believe in you, good luck!

By Jefry Beed
Jefry Beed
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