Advance to receive money immediately

Get income from YouTube immediately for several months in advance


Advances for YouTube Creators

Our service, which helps creators get money even before they have earned it on YouTube. All the conditions of the Advances are transparent and clear, and the processes are all automated

Advances for YouTube Creators

Quick confirmation

There's no personal check and complicated application process. After a few clicks in the MC Pay app, the Advance will be in your account

Quick confirmation

Comfortable conditions

The maximum amount of the Advance is your income from YouTube for 3 months. The service fee is from 9.9%. The amount of fee depends on the Advance amount

Comfortable conditions

No risk of remaining in debt

If your income from YouTube suddenly decreases, the amount of deduction will adjust to it. So you definitely won't be in the red

No risk of remaining in debt

Everything works automatically

You don't have to keep track of payment terms and amounts. The Advance fee is deducted automatically upon receipt of income

Everything works automatically

How to get an Advance in MC Pay?


Apply for Advance

Fill out the feedback form on the website or through the MC Pay app. Specify the amount you would like to receive


Wait for our approval

We will approve the request or put forward a counteroffer. For example, we will discuss another amount on the same terms


Get the money

We will transfer the money to your account after confirmation. And you can use it right away


Don't worry about the timing

When you get profit from the channel, part of the amount will be automatically deducted to repay the Advance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Advance in MC Pay?

An Advance is your YouTube revenue that you get up front. The money will be credited to your MC Pay account. It can be used right away: withdraw to cards, accounts, wallets, transfer to friends and team members.

Who can request an Advance?

You can request an Advance if: - you are the main owner of the channel; - your total income from YouTube for the last 30 days is not less than $10; - the content on your channels is of high quality and does not violate the rules of YouTube.

Do I have to connect to Mediacube to request an Advance?

No, there is no need for that. But connected content creators can get an Advance with a lower fee. They also have access to useful services: video optimization, channel design, audit, distribution, and much more.

How much money can I get?

Each request is processed individually. The optimal amount of the Advance is your average income from YouTube for three months.

The Advance is approved. Where will the money come?

The money will come to your balance in MC Pay. It can be used right away: withdraw to cards, accounts, wallets, crypto wallets in Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, USDT or USDC.

How is the Advance paid off?

The Advance is approved and the money has been credited to your MC Pay account. After that, all income from videos released before the date the Advance was received will be deducted to pay it off until the entire amount of the Advance with a fee is repaid. If the last month's income exceeds the balance of the Advance repayment, we will credit the margin to your MC Pay account. In order to charge the Advance repayment, we will claim exclusive rights to your content released prior to the date the Advance was received. In YouTube Studio, you will see that monetization is not available, there is a copyright complaint, and Mediacube is the copyright holder. This means that we have claimed the rights to the content and will receive income from all old videos until the Advance is paid off in full. Content released after the Advance is received is monetized in your favor. As soon as the entire Advance is paid off, we will revoke the rights to your old content. You will become the copyright holder again and will be able to monetize all videos.

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