May 29, 2024
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How to Make Money from Travel Blogging

We’re sure you love traveling. And most likely your YouTube recommendations are just swarming with blogs about traveling and worldwide adventures. Buddy, I bet that after watching those, you have more than once asked yourself the question, “How to make money from travel blogging?” Well, as your old friends, we’ll reveal all the secrets of travel blogging in this article.

What input do you need to make money from travel blogging?

Of course we’re not promising that you’ll be the next Vagabrothers (1.1M) or Fun for Louis (2M) after completing this whole checklist. Nevertheless, let us share with you a list of “what every successful travel blogger has”:

  • an action camera

In fact, you can’t have a cool travel blog without good quality of your video. Not so long ago we shared with you our favourite cameras for outdoor vlogs in this article

  • a content plan

Yeah, you’re guessing right: even travel vlogs need a plan. We all love travel footage, but unfortunately it’s not enough for online success. It’s important to think about the topics, video scripts and consistency of all the content on your channel.

  • a strategy for development on different social media platforms

The secret of successful creators is that they not only post videos on YouTube, but also share their content on other social networks. In other words, they do crossposting of the content to attract more followers.

  • good speech and charisma

It’s common knowledge that we are attracted to charismatic people. The more literate and interesting your speech is, the more people will like your content.

  • background knowledge of each country

Of course, beautiful shots from different countries can interest people. However, if you know interesting facts about countries, you’ll probably get more views. Moreover, people will definitely subscribe to broaden their horizons.

How to Make Money from Travel Blogging: 4 Best Ways of Monetisation of your content online

1. YouTube Partner Program

In general, YouTube is eager to support active creators by monetising their videos. The easiest way to make money from travel content, which we just have to mention. In any case, check out the monetisation terms.

2. Integration in your videos 

More and more brands are collaborating with travel blogs. You can reach your favourite brands on your own or global brands will come across your content soon.

3. Selling videos for stocks

While we’re in favor of retaining content authorship, extra income is never a bad thing. Representatives of online stocks with photos and videos will gladly buy your beautiful shots from your travels.

4. Traveling consultations

In the age of infobusiness, your expertise can (and should) be broadcast through your content. For example, any travel blogger can do country consultations for their subscribers and make brilliant income at the same time.

5. Affiliate program

We already talked about all the perks of affiliate marketing for content creators in one of our articles. Good news: this feature concerns travel bloggers as well! You can use the affiliate program from or create your own airfare search service through 


As you can see, traveling isn’t always just about spending. It’s also a cool opportunity to create content that you can easily monetize. So make sure you bring your camera on your next trip.

Good luck!

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