Jun 3, 2024
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Best Gifts for YouTubers. Ideas for you

Do you have a YouTuber friend and their birthday, Christmas, or some other important occasion is coming up? Well, then it’s time to prepare for this and choose a gift that they will definitely need in their work. Today we will tell you about the best gifts for YouTubers, share useful links and ideas!

1. New High Quality Camera

Getting a YouTube blogger the camera they’ve dreamed of is the same as giving a guitarist a guitar that they’ve been eyeing in the store for a year. On the other hand, those musicians, no number of guitars is enough for them, but you get the analogy. We’ve already written about the best cameras for bloggers, you can check out the cool models here. But here’s what you should pay attention to before buying one.

Recommendations for choosing a camera:

  1. Resolution and filming quality: Look for cameras with at least 1080p resolution.
  2. Image stabilization: Built-in stabilization will help avoid frame shake.
  3. Autofocus: Fast and accurate focusing will greatly simplify the shooting process.

2. Microphone

Next one. We already have an article on cool microphones on our blog as well, and it is here. But in any case, it is worth noting that although a microphone is not as expensive a gift as a camera, it is literally in second place in importance. Therefore, if you guess the right brand to choose, your friend will literally sing with happiness. 

Microphone types:

  1. Lavalier microphones: Compact and convenient, suitable for outdoor shooting.
  2. Condenser microphones: Provide studio quality sound, ideal for indoor recording.
  3. USB microphones: Easy to use and don’t require additional devices.

3. Lighting

A YouTuber without light is like a squirrel without a nut. If you are familiar with your friend’s setup and know what they might need, don’t hesitate, just buy it. By the way, we should do an article about good lighting… Great idea, buddy!

Lighting options:

  1. Ring lamps: Popular among bloggers due to their uniform illumination of the face.
  2. Softboxes: Provide soft and diffused light that is suitable for studio shooting.
  3. LED panels: Compact and powerful, easily adjustable in brightness and color temperature.

4. Accessories for Filming

There are not so many little things in the YouTube business, especially when it comes, for example, to storing memory, which requires a lot, a lot of storage space when working with videos. So you might want to look at something from this list.

Useful accessories:

  1. Tripods: Allows you to fix the camera in the desired position.
  2. Green screen: To create eye-catching background replacements.
  3. Memory cards: Large memory capacity for long shooting sessions.

5. Software

Not the most obvious gift, but no less generous than even a camera. The software is not cheap, and not everyone, for example, a novice YouTuber, will be ready to pay as much for it as the manufacturers ask. But what are friends for, right? By the way, here is our article about the best video editing programs, and here are only the most popular ones.

Popular programs:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: Professional video editing tool.
  2. Final Cut Pro: Ideal for Mac users, offers a wide range of features.
  3. DaVinci Resolve: Even the free version provides many tools for color grading and editing.


High-quality equipment and accessories will definitely help your friend work on their videos. And if they love this business and are passionate about it, then you just can’t imagine how happy they will be when they see something in the gift box that will really allow them to reach a new level in content production. So choose only inspiring gifts!

Good luck!

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